Reception for the Artist in Residence, Zani Gelevska, on Tuesday, September 13th, from 6 to 8 pm


With her works, as in life, Zani Gelevska communicates spirituality, insight and consistency, this time in a combined technique on canvas, by inserting collages, old photos from the past together with the modern forms of the present. In the works of the author it is, above all, about incorporating moves, disordered traces on the canvas, generators of a pictorial space different from the perceptive, traces of mental universe and the deepest interior of the creator.
Through the pallete of canvases, Zani is guiding us through a remarkable compositional determination of the surface, at the same time achieving a complex performance, coupled with the knowledge, above all, of the creation of the world as a challenge to the being itself. Zani’s world is full of unrest, painting ensembles, energetic accents, exhaustive research, compact sensitive charge, harmonized gradations, rhythmically balanced.She is proving herself as an author with high pictorial sensibility and a skilful expert on the psychology of color and its impact on the viewer.
The physical and metaphysical aspects of color, continuously intertwined and woven into the works of this intuitive author, with her strong coloration and passionate research nerve, create a real ” colorful fireworks”.
The constituent elements in the painting achievements of Zani succesfully radiate signs of duration, as well as of constant pursuit in the interior of the being and the memory, and these aspects are essential for the human creative existence.
The artist expresses her feelings, unrest and anxiety to incite an emotional reaction from the viewer, away from the real world .
Text by Tatjana Bundalevska
More information …..www.zani.com.mk

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