A Touch of Africa- Marin Dimeski


A Touch of Africa


A part of the Africa series shown in this exhibition consists of two groups of photos: in color, and in black and white. It is precisely this dualism that forms the basic context of the presentation. All the color photos have a single motif – pure nature, while his black-and-white photographs concentrate on men and women and their habitation. This might imply that the juxtaposition of these two motifs actually sets the discourse of the relationship between Man and Nature to be understood as – culture. Yet Dimeski’s photos embrace some additional elements. With them, or through them, his photographs and in particular his exhibition conception depart from, as it were, the ordinary artistic background – customary for the interpretation of photographic work and based on the technical and compositional aspects of photography and its medium – and probe deeper into the culturological if not political discourse.


For this reason and in this context, Marin Dimeski’s exhibition in Manhattan, New York, is an aestheticized and latent critique and statement about the consequences of truncated Westernization of cultures that do not need it at all. This is an act of and a call to reculturalization, distinct revitalization, genuine and profound respect for other cultures, and not merely a superficial and lucrative understanding in terms of globalizing multiculturalism.




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