Spring Flower Feast by Jeong-Hwa Kim and Young-Ae Yon

A Work Note by Young-Ae Yon
Formative elements with strong expressive power of color itself is to be attention. In particular, I like high color saturation, clarity and the contrast. Conscious of the plane of the canvas, and emphasis on the color overlap. Sometimes plain, sometimes with intense and transparent. The color is superimposed on the canvas when you go out in every color that already rests in the corner to reveal a niche clamoring pressed strikes. Flower patterned color images on the canvas of the feast spread out. Like fireworks into the night sky, warm and vibrant colors to join each other. Care to meet each other … and … well … harmonize and balance moves constitutes living together. I wish, mind’s eye beyond the physical canvas color to the screen, looking to spread out.

I hope, maybe the flowers like that be a Hope and Love.

Dancing with the color that could make warm the heart to spread positive energy and alive.