Aleksandar Jovanovski Mijak




Graphic art, as any other art, represents experiencing the internal Creative force, which sets the Creator free from the external world.  It follows the ontological model according to which the work, with all its spiritual wealth, is created.

The Archetype, according to Jung, is a primordial image and idea, inherent and common to all people, which fulfils the “Collective Unconscious”. This definition of the archetype, by Jung, is constant within each Creation which goes in pursuit of its meaning and values.

The graphic works by Aleksandar  Jovanovski  Mijak are an excited gaze into the Archetype. His works, through all elements of their creation, which is to say, through the drawing, the light and dark, the surface, colour and composition, reveal his Creative graphic interpretation of the “Collective Unconscious”.

This graphic art also carries within itself exciting poetics, through which the Author experiences and discovers the World and Man in it. The old gate, “Ornamented” with graphic markings of letters and purified structure, creates the impression of sacral music.

The Old Mortar and the Old Pitcher, on the table- space, seen through the graphic flair of Aleksandar  Mijak, supported by the Dance of the White Archaic markings, are perceived as Bhatia connecting time in one single eternity.

Aleksandar Jovanovski  Mijak creates graphic art with a clear and personal Creative signature, strongly marked by the world within him.

In this World, the surface, colour, shape and drawing, have been brought in a strong emotional communication with Nature. Thus, it is, quite certainly, the most significant feature of this Creation.

Nature, here, is not invented, but graphically created anew.  Thus, forceful graphic works reveal themselves in front of us – pictures with artistic values at the very pick of Macedonian contemporary graphic art.

Aleksandar  Jovanovski  Mijak possesses a clear and precise Creative concept, through which he creates Beauty as a primordial creature that endows Empirical things with their visage, real value and sense.

Before us stands the graphic art of a Creator preaching his truth. In these graphic works, the Creator understands the Archetype as a primordial image belonging to all men and filling the “Collective Unconscious” with his own Creative ecstasy.


April 2011                                             Vladimir Georgievski, PhD

Academic painter

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