Aliquots by Jana Lulovska

We are all hallucinating all the time. When we agree about our hallucinations, we call it “reality.”

                                                                                                      -Anil Seth (neuroscientist)

“Aliquots” is a sum of nuances of a whole which adds harmonics that are over-images to the primary perceived image, the reality.

Photography always transforms what it describes. The art of photography lies in controlling this transformation.
                                                                                                                       -Јana Lulovska


Aliquots is my search for the overtones of the reality and a quest for discovering a new perspective. I am exploring the boundary of tonalities and halftones in order to detect the hidden harmonics.

It was photographed with camera obscura on photographic paper, which was then developed. The obtained pinhole artifact was digitally processed with the solarization technique. By treating the artifact, I am transforming the photographic reality. The final result is 50 x 50 cm digital black and white prints that in their structure possess the elements of analogy and digitality. This shows my tendencies to connect the past with the present by combining the old photographic techniques with the modern digital techniques.

With its specific placement of the polyptychs in space, inspired by the old game Tetris, Aliquots creates special environment that is an attempt to escape the monotony of everyday life and the conventional norms.

Aliquots is speaking about us, humans. Like the variations of the landscape motif, humans differentiate. There may be countless variants of people that are different visually, emotionally, mentally, by character. In our core we are all the same because we share the same essence.


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