Melik Arsllani- Artist in Residence


The provocative images that the painter Melik Arsllani wants to remind us of rather than define, make it possible for us to understand the subject of works with the contents of the atmosphere expressed through the cycle Exterior; environment through the cycle Interior and experiencing at the cycle Spiritual Solicitudes. 

In these works, his artistic sensibility is expressed through an associative language which creates images with unusual degrees of “primary transformation” that appears secret and through a refined individual expression associated with abstract tendencies. He contours the wide space with a sense where shapes, color and the light are faced or contrasted at the same time while releasing his paintings from the exact description, especially when with motions aims the rhythm of images. A complex lyricism that suggests silence and sensitivity toward moment and eternity.

Starting from the way of compositional realization of the respective author, we can say that the experience and artistic instinct, freedom of visual expression, warmth and care for the environment and tradition are laced.   

The infinite color nuances and the application of geometric shapes in light-shades reports lie in associative correlation with the compositional spaces of imaginary interior and exterior, which are realized between impulse penelata with a much more pastuozebill.

In the recent accomplishments of his creativity, there is an evident freshness and vividness during the painting that allows a free distance between the original idea and the technical construction of the works. This means complete rejection of the object and blurring of figuration and in their place comes the expression of the soul and its artistic experience. Hereupon, in his works we see a harmony of colors that melt naturally with each other, cast with expression on the fabric that create vibrations when placing white in the midst of dark tones.

The aesthetic figurative plot laced with expressive color nuances and tone is experienced as a cathartic sensation and constitutes the fundamental part of the creative world expressed through the Interior, Exterior and Spiritual Solicitudes of Melik Arsllani’s cycles.

 Jëlldëz Asani

Art Historian

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