Ana Matovska

Related parties

There are authors who adjust the contents and the topics of their characters/esthetic processes to the current conditions: daily political, globally ecological, social – cultural, scientific creative … Opposite of them, however, there are authors who consciously distance themselves from those contents and determinations. For them there is nothing left over but their personal history, identity, autobiographical analysis or inner, hidden emotional reality.

Ana Matovska belongs to that second group of authors. There is nothing left to her but her personal obsession. She lives consciously the surrounding reality, but that very same reality does not touch her as an artist, it does not inspire her nor does it interest her as a content of her artistic production and determination.

The concept of the exhibition “Related parties” is filled with diverse visual (photographic) and painting interior. It is composed of two segmental wholes: painting serial “Letters and stereotypes” und photographical cycle “What makes a woman happy?”

Using the two simplified symbols (children’s doll Barbie und style-letters) she begins her story with the most significant meaning of those forms through crossing of their syntactic reflections in order to achieve their substantial and almost iconographic connecting. Such principle of thinking and acting is just one of the ways in which Matovska elaborates her topics and contents. When first experiencing her pictures we discover the “coincidence” as a beginning of some new “game”, game in which she is prepared sensitively but with codes to connect the stories from the childhood and from the life with her picture of herself. In her last serial of pictures “Letters and stereotypes” Matovska succeeded to keep the forms and the symbols in organized geometrical compositions.

The intersection of those two essentially set symbols and contents in the inner and personal space of Matovska is a result of her need to correct and to add something to the story – content that she retells in each of the pictures. Consciously discovering herself the author leads us through the material of her intimacy, experiencing at the same time her pictures as memories of something that happened, that happens and that will happen.

Opposite of her paintings which represent the first and very significant part of the concept of the exhibition “Related parties” there is the second part which presents photographic serial “What makes a woman happy”.

In the serial consisted of 14 photographs she stages and contemplates over the different moments in life, over the goals and ideals, who according to her make a woman happy. In the photo session the author sets variety of conceptual contents. The topic “Woman’s individuality” in the urban reality presented in the 14 models on modern living does not present only visual responses which determine the role and the position of the woman in today’s complicated space of living. She represent the woman in advance arranged settings, dissecting some of her numerous psychological, ethical or social features and qualities.

Work of Ana Matovska which is upgraded on her personal obsession with the topic, lives independently out of the sphere of the mainstream of that current artistic tendencies and trends. From the very beginning she is autistic oriented to use everyday, personal thought as leading point in her esthetic orientations and preoccupations. She will reach the time when the fact that she does not belong to current trendy art will be interpreted as unique, authentic and talented.

Jovan Balov

Berlin, 07.07.2012

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