Artist in Residence: Marijeta Sidovski

For You My Love

Going along the paths of art is a journey through space and time. It is always exciting because you can meet interesting fellow travellers. Right on Marijeta’s journey, her paths intersect with the Byzantium of Kondovski and the whiteness of Petar Mazev. It is interesting when on your journey you will manage to scratch on the stratygraphy of the cultural layers in order to create, carried away by them, your own cycle with clear personal handwriting.

The title of this exhibition indicates that it represents the Ode of Love, and is glorification for existence of emotions and absolute love. The reconciliation between soul and love in this cycle is offered to us following the catharsis of the mythical drama of Psyche and Eros where, eventually, wish and consciousness are reconciled and love integrates into life.

So, Love becomes God who provides not only continuation of species but also inner cohesion of the universe. No doubt that it is God because endeavors to equalize diversity, and to integrate and finally offer unity. In this sense, the symbol of love is the cross which, in this context, is a synthesis of horizontal and vertical flows, like two beings who surrender and indulge to one another. Yet, they are elevated to a level of supremacy, a new being is in front of our sight because this surrender is complete.

The creativity of Marijeta Sidovski is ripe and inventive. She is poetizing life highlighting its ontological and metaphysical qualities. Love is the only guide and there comes poetics that radiates from her paintings through subtly selected elements or quotes.

The exhibited paintings on For You, My Love are celebration for our eyes, sounds and music scores stream out from them. This is a painting with psychological symbolic suggestion where the observer manages to reveal the mental state of the artist, and she, through her works of art stands completely naked in front of us.

Text by Klime Korobar

M a r i j e t a  Sidovski was born in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 1973. Acquired her Bachelor of Arts in Painting with Conservation and Restauration  from Faculty of Fine Arts, Skopje, Macedonia, 1998. Finished her MA studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, Department for Conservation and Restauration of Easel Painting, 2010.  She stayed in  Paris and Bretaigne, France, 2005 and 2010, in New York City, USA, 2005, participated on 5th Francophonie Games in Niamei, Niger, Africa, 2005. She was working as a conservator  at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia, from 2005 until 2016. From 2016 she is working as a higher conservator in the Gallery of Matica srpska, Novi sad, Serbia. She had 37 solo exhibitions. Participated in more than 70 international group exhibitions and art colonies.


2004 Golden brick prize, Podrum Art Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia

2008 Dimitar Kondovski Prize in Painting, Association of Artists of Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia

2012 Vangel Kodzoman Prize in Painting, Cultural Information Center, Skopje, Macedonia

2015 Golden brush Prize in Painting, Association of Artists of Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia


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