Zografski String Quartet

Zografski String Quartet

In the begging of 2012, the Macedonian music scene has been enriched with an ensemble which is named by one of the most eminent Macedonian contemporary composers Tomislav Zografski.
The Quartet consists of young and ambition musicians – Frosina Bogdanovska-violin, Goran Muratovski-violin, Aleksandar Stojceski-viola and Kiril Josifov-cello.
The Quartet’s debut was on the festival “Days of Macedonian music 2012” where a world premiere of the composition for string quartet from V. Nikolovski-Gjumar was performed.
The member’s previous musical opus consists of performed compositions from the romantic period to music written in the 20th century, music written by modern composers, where significant place is dedicated to the compositions written by Macedonian authors.
As members of the string quartet “Equilibrium”, these musicians have had two CDs, cooperation with foreign composers as well as performance at the most prestige music festivals in Macedonia, among which Skopje Summer Festival, Bitola Summer Festival, Days of Macedonian Music, Struga Poetry Evenings and Macedonian Autumnal Musical Festivities. Their international presentation was on concerts in Croatia and the USA.
The “Zografski” quartet commitment refers primarily to the affirmation of chamber music in Macedonia, cooperation with the Macedonian composers and international presentation of the quartet.
Since its formation, the quartet “Zografski” is an honorary member of the “Tomislav Zografski” Foundation.

Shostakovich string quartet No. 3, in F-major, opus 73
– Allegretto
– Moderato con moto
– Allegro non troppo
– Adagio
– Moderato

Shostakovich string quartet No. 8, in C-minor, opus 110

– Largo, attacca
– Allegro molto
– Allegretto
– Largo
– Largo

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