Artist in Residence Presentation: Teuta Hoxha Imeri

Teuta Hoxha Imeri was born  in 1986 in Struga.

Hoxha graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts department of graphic design at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

Personal Exhibitions:

2009- Golemi Casovnic Gallery, Skopje

2011- KIC Gallery, Skopje

2011- Vangel  Koxomanov Gallery, Struga

2014-Kic Gallery, R.Bulgaria

2015-Kult Gallery, Gostivar

Group Exhibitions:

2007- Youth Cultural Center-Skopje

2008- Culture Center-Struga

2008- Adolescent Artists -(World Bank and the Embassy of Switzerland)

2008- 13th Biennale internacionale in graphic (miniature) Poland

2009- 14th Biennale internacionale in graphic (miniature) Poland

2008- TOLERANCE- plates (International  Balkans exhibition)- Skopje City Museum

2010- KIC- Skopje

2011 -Cifte Amam, Skopje

2011- Culture Centre-Gostivar

2012- Koco Racin, Skopje

2012- Culture Centre, Bitola

2013- Culture Centre, Gostivar

Art Colony

2010-2013- Sounds of Skopje Old bazaar-Manifestation-Skopje