The Other Graduation Part 2, with Glen Velez and Loire Cotler

We are excited to announce the inaugural season of The Other Graduation: Second Segment,
April 8th 2017 @2pm with Glen and Loire AKA TA-KA-DI-MI

The Other Graduation is a NYSCA supported, ground-breaking lecture – concert series designed to help young musicians who have recently graduated or are about to graduate understand the broad variety of possible career choices as professional musicians in the contemporary art and music world. Often trained in a formal, closed setting, focused on excelling in their own discipline and in a very traditional way and a classroom or studio setting within an educational institution, students graduate inadequately prepared for the ‘real world’ careers. As an active and somewhat unconventional educator (preference to hands-on approach, constantly changing and fluent curricula and lesson plan, small groups or individual coaching and mentoring, implementation of technology, insisting on collaborations, and in general, against all and any rigidity), Paracademia’s director and founder, Milica Paranosic has had numerous exposure to students, young musicians, music lovers who want to engage more that just on a hobby level and people desiring a career change, who more than frequently did not know what their choices are. The range and dynamic of contemporary music professions has changed, and is continuing to change drastically and new professions are literally ‘invented’ every day. They are typically not mentioned, much less explored in traditional schools. Thinking ‘outside the box’ may not be popular or preferable in everyone’s opinion; however, it may be necessary in order to succeed in our already challenging and competitive profession.