Artist in Residence: Verim Zendeli

Reception for the Artist in Residence on Thursday, July 19th from 6 to 8 pm


Verim Zendeli only takes the gross matter of life and perfects it altogether. He, like the writer, creates a narration in his paintings. They are the speech colors that speak; it is dormant person who confesses personal experience. His painting has sound. The voice heard only by elite souls prepared to feel it. As in the partitura of the daily life, ring the sound of craziness, boredom, disappointment, depression and loneliness with people. Acts of people seen from nothing, from nobody, from shadows, and some wires when hopes hangs. Those hopes should not die, nor that meaningful look towards the heavenly umbrella of heaven. Verim Zendeli’s character speaks, silences, cries, and finally survives. Man does not build a house because he is alive, but writes books because he is a dying person … paints because he is alone.

Doc.dr Arlind Farizi, Literary Pedagogue at UT

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