Between the Void and the Voidness

Between the Void and the Voidness 

Event with artworks by Marina Cvetanovska Martinovska and piano performance by Biljana Petrovski

Thursday, June 1st from 6 to 8 pm

The artistic cycle of the author Marina Cvetanovska Martinovska with a complex philosophical-abstract title “Between the Void and the Voidness” 2018, is generic and represents an extension of her previous artistic production “Behind the Void” (2016). It is a creative challenge for the author to continue with the re-examination of the structural art-spatial ratios of the artwork and the surrounding space, including the “void” as an integral part of the way of setting and the “voidness” as a personal, self- fine iconography.

In it, through the discourse of the self-portraying features, present in the conceptually structured works: the hanging installation, but also in the polyptic solution of the work “Angel’s Scream”, in the monochromatic and perforated images-objects (given in several variations) and the drawings performed with the labyrinth ink, the author, quite consciously through the complex network of signs and symbols (, cross, zero) penetrates the subjective dimension / identification of the contrast between full and empty, light and shadow, life and death.

Marina Cvetanovska Martinovska is preoccupied with the secrets and phenomena of human existence: birth, life and death, and the trace (the impression) that keeps her with her being in time and space. In them, the author seeks her drive and transforms into a recognizable, already recognizable, personal declaration. 

On the relation man-space-time, represented by the enigmatic symbolism of white and black, formal characteristic and the suggested three dimensionality, each of the exhibited works emits its own statement, staticity and formality, but also her own position of free play and different interpretations of the observer . The absence of color announces the idea of ​​infinity and immortality and introduces a motionless, almost metaphysical atmosphere / silence and reality. Marina Cvetanovska Martinovska in the choice of work material, remains consistent with the forex (synthetic material), because of her admissible property of sterility and elasticity intervening with perforation, sewing with a silicone thread as a symbolic process of breaking the emotion, the pain.

 Dragana Spaskovska, a curator

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