Composers Concordance presents A to Z Electronic

A to Z Electronic

As part of the The 11th Annual CompCord Festival

–What’s In a Name?–

May 18th at Gallery MC

A to Z Electronic

Twenty-six composers, in alphabetical order (first, middle or last names), present their short electronic music compositions. The event will be mostly electronic, with some electro-acoustic music presented as well.

Composers Concordance presents its 11th annual festival, entitled ‘What’s In a Name?’. Four concert programs feature new music compositions inspired by names of fictitious characters, names that are dear to individual composers, and nicknames, plus a concert of 26 composers presented alphabetically, a trio of musicians named Jay, and other imaginative ways composers choose to play upon the event titles and festival theme. The concerts will be presented at an array of NYC venues, with numerous fun premieres, virtuoso performances, and an eclectic range of styles, presented in quick tandem, encouraging our favorite composers to play on the phenomenon of names.

Composers: Arthur Kampela, Bernhard Philipp Eder, Carlos Castro, Dan Cooper, Shanan Estreicher, Ford Fourqurean, Patrick Grant, Adam Holzman, Velizar Iordanov, Joseph Martin Waters, Howie Kenty, Lukas Ligeti, Florian Magnus Maier, Natasha Bogojevich, Otto Castro, Gene Pritsker, Quincy Jones, David Rothenberg, Zach Seely, Roger Trefousse, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Aleksandra Vrebalov, Randall Woolf, Amy X Neuburg, Carolyn Yarnell, Lev Zhurbin.


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