Circuit Bridges: Spontaneous Soundings

Circuit Bridges: Spontaneous Soundings

Circuit Bridges and Soundlings are collaborating on Circuit Bridges: Spontaneous Soundings, a concert featuring electroacoustic music on May 28 at Gallery MC, 549 W 52nd St, New York, New York. The concert features brand new works by Gagi Petrovic, Robin Koek, Tijs Ham, Roald van Dillweijn, Melissa Grey, David Morneau, Milica Paranosic, and Robert Voisey, being performed by Margaret Lancaster (flute), Thomas Piercy (bass clarinet), Cesare Papetti (drum set), and Chris Howard (percussion).

For this special program, each composer has created a new piece, which incorporates electronics and improvisation. Each performer will be playing two of these pieces, one by a Circuit Bridges composer, and one by a Soundlings composer. The same program will be presented in Amsterdam in June.

Based in Amsterdam, Soundlings is a growing circle of international creatives working with sound. Their membership includes researchers, educators, engineers, producers, software developers, composers, performers, designers, and artists. Soundlings, as it grows, wants to be a tangible platform, a circle of minds that share a similar vision towards creation. It will promote the artistic / professional empowerment of the individual by initiating projects, taking in projects, generating opportunities. It will actively confront its community by organizing showcases and discussion events. In time it will grow and to grow it will be reaching out, searching and connecting with the like-minded, like-hearted creatives and will make sure that all efforts are heard equally.

Circuit Bridges is a monthly concert series dedicated to highlighting the community of electroacoustic music creators. Founded in 2014 by Robert Voisey and under the artistic direction of David Morneau and Melissa Grey, Circuit Bridges strives to explore all music under the electroacoustic umbrella. This includes but is not limited to sonic art, radio art, glitch, circuit bending, electronica, real-time improvisation, network performance, audiovisual composition, mash-up, and data sonification. Our mission is to connect with artists from around the globe to present the wealth of electroacoustic music being written today.

For more information visit:
Circuit Bridges:
Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:30pm (doors open at 7:15pm)
Gallery MC
(ride the freight elevator to the 8th floor)
549 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019
Between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue
Closest subway A/C/E at 50th Street, 8th Avenue
$15 admission
$ 7 students

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