OPA Professional


Using the language of abstract art, OPA Professional expresses the cosmogonical artistic impulse to penetrate into the ontological strains of their own microcosm. The inventiveness and intuitiveness of the unrestrained gesture is the driving artistic force of the composition, tending towards a certain generality and bringing closer the metaphysical inner world of the painter, where the use of colors adds complexity to the process of uncovering the components of rational thought and of spontaneity. Thus, the playfulness of the repetitive patterns, emphasizes the permanent possibility of new creative impulses, with an integrity towards the overall expression and with complete affirmation of the drawer’s idea.

With this self-representation using the associative forms of the artistic creations Something In Nothing, A Stone In a Shoe, Infinity and others, OPA Professional opens a new chapter in the contemporary trends of the Macedonian fine arts, in general.


OPA Professional

is а project by OPA group (Obsessive Possessive Aggression), working on the borderline of art, media and performance. OPA researches social, cultural and everyday issues, as well as researching the ways of thinking and behavior of certain communities in shifting social and political conditions.

OPA was founded in 2001 by visual artists Slobodanka Stevceska (*1971, Skopje, Macedonia) and Denis Saraginovski (*1971, Skopje, Macedonia). Both artists studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. OPA has had solo exhibitions in Macedonia, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Germany, USA and the Netherlands. OPA has also exhibited widely in group exhibitions and festivals, such as: Transmediale, Berlin; Transeuropa – European Theatre and Performance Festival, Hildesheim; Freewaves’ Biennial of New Media Arts, Los Angeles; Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow; etc. OPA has received residency fellowships in Estonia, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.



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