Circuit Bridges: Tri-Bridge Crossings

Circuit Bridges: Tri-Bridge Crossings
February 26, 2015
Thursday at 7:30pm

Circuit Bridges is featuring Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts
(FETA) and Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes (Irritable Hedgehog Records)
in a special concert featuring electroacoustic music on February 26 at
Gallery MC, 549 W 52nd St, New York, New York.


The first half of the program, “Circuit Bridges and FETA present: FETA &
Friends”, features solos, duos, and group pieces performed by the
co-founders of Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA), a
Miami-based organization with the mission of nurturing and promoting new art
forms: Juraj Kojs and Paula Matthusen and the friends Aurie Hsu, Natacha
Diels, Adrian Knight and Luke Dubois. The performance will include sounds of
reel-to-reel tape machines, vintage synthesizers, iPhones and iPads,
Slovakian bass pipe fujara, flute and video as well as a belly dance
performance based on the interactive relationship between movement and

Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA), an organization
established to cultivate composition, performance, production, and research
of emerging electronic music, art and multimedia forms.

FETA seeks to expand our understanding of the world around us through
exploration and promotion of novel expressions that fuse arts with
technologies. Current FETA’s programs include: 12 Nights of Electronic Music
and Art, SofIA: Sonorities of Interactive Acoustics, Cyberinstruments via
Physical Modeling Acoustica 21

The second half of the program, “Circuit Bridges and Irritable Hedgehog
Records Present: Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes”, features a trio of
composer/performers devoted to indeterminate music with David D. McIntire,
Ryan Oldham, and Brian Padavic. In addition to leading the ensemble,
McIntire is founder of Irritable Hedgehog, a label specializing in minimal
and electroacoustic repertoire, whose releases have been widely praised for
their excellence and historical importance

EIO, or Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes, may seem to be a strange name
for a trio, but it nicely captures the group’s mission. David D. McIntire
(clarinet, ocarina, electronics), Ryan Oldham (trumpet, flugelhorn) and
Brian Padavic (double bass) have vowed never to play a tune the same way

Circuit Bridges: Tri-Bridge Crossings
February 26, 2015. 7:30 pm.
Gallery MC
549 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019
(ride the freight elevator to the 8th floor)
$15 / $7 (students)
United States


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