Winter Salon 2015

Winter Salon 2015 is our annual winter group show featuring artists that have exhibited at Gallery MC in various shows and venues. This year we have artists from different parts of the world, represented by Gallery MC, Galeria Karen Huber from Mexico City, and young and upcoming artists from Parsons, featured in the gallery spaces on 52nd street.

It is a winter overview of three recent shows including, Profil Perdu, Where (not) to go? combined with Parsons students as well as artists that regularly show with Gallery MC.

Artists exhibiting: Steven Crawford, Alessia Armeni, Toshihisa Yoda, Robert Dandarov, Yunko Yoda, Daniel Horowitz, Eugenia Martinez, Aga Ousseinov, Petra Varl, Predrag Dimitrijevic, Gorazd Poposki, Yane Calovski, Gjorgje Jovanovic, Nikola Uzunovski, Hristina Ivanovska, Dragan Poposki Dada, Marcos Castro, Nadia Baram, Adam Echahly, Anneli Goeller, Julie Moon, Lauren Rodriguez and Keim Zepsu.

Organized and Curated for Gallery MC by Natasa Simovska Poposki

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