Dodecomania by Aco Tanevski- Artist in Residence

Aco Tanevski


And while Aco Tanevski in his artistic activity was creating art in purely artistic and sometimes non-classical art design concepts, with Dodekomanija he created conceptualized and thoughtful intermedia creative project, a blend of artistic and poetic expression, close encounter between image and song, blend of two artistic languages, contextualities/textualities, symbolic and semantic practices.

Dodecomanija unites in one place about forty songs and as many visual representations – collages. In another context the artistic element would be an illustration of the poetic work, but here these two media are perceived each separately, i.e. they complement each other, since they represent completed and personally marked units, which could also be read as subtle, symbolic and culturally coded parallels. Perhaps the poetry itself inspired by the everyday life of the author, in his nascent contains the visual element turned into an image by Tanevski. The bar code that is present in all the works is a new historical story about numbering of the products as well as the people, and is an expression of the author’s protest against dehumanization of man, sending a message that man is not a figure, but a person with name and surname…

And suddenly without any particular reason, Tanevski with this exhibition shapes the need for new forms of creative expression and creates new artistic – poetic artifact – fluid between image and poetry, and in this case it is not a dialogue between two artistic media, but author’s monologue which begets a third intermediate, intertextual and artistic world and language of expression.

Gorancho Gjorgjievski

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