Message – from Your Universe by Ivana Pirkovska- Artist in Residence




Your Universe

The interactive conceptual project “Message – from Your Universe” by Ivana Pirkovska represents a kind of an open astro-lab in which, through an extremely puristic poetics, she visualizes the different types galaxies which she identifies with subjects, and the subjects with galaxies. Hence the author believes that the entire cosmos is united in a single whole, in material and spiritual sense. The subjects are interconnected with invisible energy forces, with messages they receive from the universe and that need to be deciphered. The reflection of Pirkovska’s installations, is followed by cosmic sounds that are just one example (source and flow) of information inviting the viewer to connect, to look in his reflection and listen to the message of the universe, because the universe, as Nikola Tesla would write, “is alive in all its manifestations… because the stone, the plants, the animals and the human beings are contemplative and sensitive beings. The star that shines seeks to be observed, and if we were not too occupied with ourselves, we would understand her language and messages.”

Text by Maja Nedelkoska- Brzanova

Ivana Pirkovska was born in 1988 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. In 2011 she graduated at the University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture and Set Design, with professor Ibrahim Bedi.

As a multidisciplinary author working with various contemporary art media, she explores in the field of astronomy and music that are transcendental source for her creations. During the period 2013 – 2015 she realized two solo exhibitions in the National Gallery of the Republic of Macedonia and in the Youth Cultural Centre, and she also participated at numerous group exhibitions, performances and workshops. In 2015 she received the award for best sculpture work at the competition “Young Art  2015“, from the Agency for Youth and Sports of the Republic of Macedonia. From October 3rd, with a reception on October 9th, she is presenting herself at Gallery MC in New York with the conceptual project “Message – from Your Universe.”

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