Gallery MC

March 1 – 27, 2021

Reception for the Exhibition on Friday, March 19th from 6 to 8 pm


Drawing is an old way of expression; as old as the human kind.

The first line ever drawn was a sign of a new manifestation of the survived images, it was a scream.

Throughout the history of Art it developed as an independent expression providing new perspectives and new senses. The thing, which makes the drawing an exciting technique, is the beauty of a linear composition incorporated with the esthetic simplicity as well as complexity of the lines, the surface and the clear dominance of the perspectives.

The aim of this-year exhibition by the Association of Fine Artists of Macedonia (DLUM) is to persevere the values of this classy technique, provoking some directions into experiment and innovation, encouraging the artists to draw their actual images. We live in an exhilarating time so the themes are vast. The way each artist presents themselves composes this-year scope of their continuous interest, implying at the same time an answer to the “new” reality, the constant fear, the new values or again it is just an analysis of the reality. What has been selected is extraordinary interesting solutions, keeping up the aspects of the analytical drawing or the simple drawing in line under the treatment of the classical drawing technique or just a combination of a drawing-surface, drawing-text, layers in the drawing or just being innovative through the drawing structure.

During the times of collective depression our task as an association is to maintain the scene active, to try to keep up the artist’s interest to articulate their attitude, so that the artist becomes a vivid drawing narrator. We are talking here about a huge responsibility with the opportunity to react and manifest the current world artistically. That freedom of expressing the self individualism, which we respect at our colleagues, is in fact presented with this exhibition.

Perhaps many important names from the Macedonian art scene are not present, (the complex situation with the pandemic Covid-19 might be a reason) but still new names appear (new members) full of enthusiasm, which actually results into a “new” esthetic dynamics.

Diana Tomikj Radevska


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