The GALLERY MC is pleased to announce RIOT OF COLORSLOADED ROSES a solo show of STEVEN BALOGH, New York based, internationally exhibiting artist.


Exhibition runs from April 25th trough May 25, 2021.

VISIT BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,  with proper safety protocols in place.


Steven Balogh  presents, looped and swirling lines of brilliant color radiate energy and intensity in his paintings. The artist squeezes the pigment directly from the tube and elegantly controls the gestures to create cascading layers of color in  latticework of great depth.Luscious oranges, pinks, yellows and greens suggest natural and anatomical landscapes. His newest works’s extended abstraction embrace an avant-garde new world of street graffiti and  painting method of gestural abstraction, violently disrupting its density of composition, with random elements, relations and free-flowing lines, layers on layers…

Balogh was born Istvan Vilmos Balogh in Hungary in 1954. His activity as a visual artist in Hungary, spanning approximately nine years, the first segment of Balogh’s oeuvre began with his conceptual language-motivated works, body-art performances and environments in the seventies. Continued with his figurative acrylic and oil paintings in the early eighties. His conceptually-toned graphic works explore the possibilities inherent in the manipulation of information in the form of printed texts and images.

Texts, fragments of texts, found sentences-as well as their repainting, covering and destruction, also appear in Balogh’s photo-based works, most of which document action or performance art, even as autonomous elements that render the event uncertain, or just the opposite: more concrete. As Balogh says: My paintings, prints, drawings, photos, performances, and three dimensional artworks are visual representations of chaos…that emotionally, passionately disclose duality’s character.

In 1986 he left Hungary and he spent seven months as refugee in the Flüchtlingslager of Traiskirchen, Austria. His passport was confiscated, his official status was stateless person.

In the same year based on a decision by the United Nations Office in Vienna, he was granted asylum to 19 countries. He arrived to the United States on November 20, 1986, with nothing but a plastic bag of the International Rescue Committee containing a few personal items of necessity. He settled down in New York City, and live, work there ever since. In 1995 he became US citizen and changed his name to Steven Balogh, he signs his artworks under this name.

 Balogh’s art figures in the permanent collections of museums in the US and Hungary. He has participated in dozens of group shows in Europe, the USA and Asia with great artists: Matisse, Christo, Mapplethorpe… He had 21 solo exhibitions, 4 of them recently in New York City.

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