Generative Art: Inspiration vs Imitation

August 26th – September 5th.

Artist in Residence series: presenting Robert Cvetkovski.

Reception on Saturday, August 26th from 6 to 8 pm

“Artistic creations have always served as wellsprings of inspiration, for artists within the same realm as well as those from diverse cultural, applied arts, and architectural spheres. However, often concealed behind the assertion of “inspiration” lies the concept of “imitation.” Inspiration pays homage, builds upon the artistic endeavor, and progresses independently in new directions, engendering fresh ideas and broadening the discourse along the path. In contrast, imitation merely seeks the path of least resistance, copying what has already been said, lazily reproducing what has already been seen.

Where does the demarcation between inspiration and imitation lie in a world of rapid and global idea sharing, challenges with copyright protection, a landscape of swift and cost-effective production and marketing and explosive AI advancement, where aesthetics often overshadow ethics?

This inquiry is pursued through the appropriation of motifs from the works of Robert Cvetkovski and manipulation across various aspects and mediums of design and architecture. The outcome is a product or project directly evoked by the artwork itself (material texture, fashion design, object façade, even urban planning?). Can this principle be universally applied? Can it yield practical results? Does it infringe upon copyright? This investigation conducted by the architects Alen Cvetkovski and Natali Veleska illustrates that the boundary is thin and almost always subjective. The conclusion is that these final products directly inspired by artistic creation must once again undergo a thought-refining process to become creatively, originally, and practically refined—thus distinguishing between imitation and inspiration.

The results are showcased through the exhibition of the original artwork that served as inspiration, accompanied by multiple digital photo manipulations portraying the artwork as either imitation or inspiration in the realms of fashion, architecture, design, and more.”