Recognizability in Which Nothing is Recognized

Graphic Works by Evgenij Pantev – on view August 15th -25th.

Reception for the Artist on Thursday, August 17th from 6 to 8 pm

Reception for the Artist on Thursday, August 17th from 6 to 8 pm: Evgenij Pantev has been creating and existing within the graphic media for more than three decades. He, as a mature graphic artist remains persistent to a precise, fine and completely prudential graphic poetics. He expresses his entire artistic culture and aesthetic sensibility exclusively through the graphic art as “closed” visual medium. Particularly, by means of his tactile and dedicated respect towards “the traditional” specific technique such as dry point (intaglio printmaking), which Pantev applies in order to create a really distinctive and experiential visual context exempted of the possibilities for something different and “trendy” treating of the graphic paper. In Pantev’s works  everything is in the manner of the deep and disciplined line expressiveness by which he imprints and vibrates the matter of performance, in the soft, but also firm shading of the light-dark passages, in order to draw tight, simple and pure interior of the  graphic space within his works. Actually, he brings to light the spatial interval (or gap), where the sound and surface forms of his motives are fully stored. In his visual expressions there is a harmonization of all features of the contrasts: hot-cold, hard-soft, curve-angle…

His whole expression is pure graphics artisanship. Artistic condition in which poetic graphisms, urban inserts, dense organic ambient, geometrized imaginations, do express soft valuable clearness, lyrical gradation of refined conversions, a simple, but also complex disposition of the performed lines, and meticulously created graphic work of art.

His “iconographic” approach is characterized by metaphorical unobtrusiveness, fragmented gestures and accentuation, as well as ascetic grammar. The decorative element is discarded in every sense. In these records there is only concerned recognizibility in which nothing is recognized. Certain “clear” and simplified enigmatic, which shows the process of creation and subjective sensibility rather than reality and substance of motivational preoccupation.

So far, Evgenij Pantev in his opus articulates a calm graphic integrity that is dedicated to his own lexis, his artistic meditations and permanent inspection of the art entity of the dry point (intaglio printmaking), as a non-random choice of his personal creative act.

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