Gjorgje Jovanovik

Fragmented Archive of the Artist from the Country in Transition

Feb. 24-March 5, 2010

“The Confessions of a Cake Monster” is a colloborative performance in which by presenting my passion and obsession with eating sweets I create a self-portrait. The performance reveals the lost sincerity in the communication among people.

The first performance took place on 24.06.2008.

The Confession of a Cake Monster, performance, plateau of The Home of Army, Skopje, Macedonia,2008

still from the video, The Confession of a Cake Monster, 2008

The performance The Depression of New Year’s Eve focuses on two questions related to the present-day celebration of holidays: What do we celebrate? And how do we celebrate? The original meaning of holidays in today’s world seems to be completely distorted and lost, even brought to a level of perversion. Such is also the case with the celebration of the New Year. The holiday that symbolically represents the crossing from one year to another, in fact, is a festival of consumer fever and bad taste.

The performance took place on 30.12.2005 in the Ramstore Mall.

The Depression of the New Year’s Eve, performance, in  collaboration  with the music band Letecki pekinezeri, Ramstor  shopping mall, Skopje,

Macedonia, 2005

The central theme of “The Recession of New Year’s Eve” is material and spiritual impoverishment. The celebration of New Year’s Eve in consumer societies is a festival of bad taste, as well as a race for food and gifts which are often there to fill emptiness with meaning. It also represents a consumerist explosion as a reaction to the oppressions of the capitalist life-style. The performance examines the influence of the recession on the habits of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The performance “The Recession of New Year’s Eve” is a continuation of the performance “The Depression of New Year’s Eve”. The performance took place on 30.12.2008.

The Recession of the New Year’s Eve, performance, plateau of Cultural Center Tocka, Skopje, Macedonia, 2008


Born 10.05.1980 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

2003 Graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Skopje, Macedonia

Solo exhibitions and projects:

2008    “An Off-Day for Mister Euzebio”, Open

Graphic Art Studio, Skopje, Macedonia

2007    “Drawings Inspired by the Franc Kafka’s

Stories”, Cultural Center “Tocka”, Skopje, Macedonia

“Svirachinja Presents: The Show of Trione  Chelebija”, Gallery Bezisten, Shtip, Macedonia “The Phantoms of Skopje”, City Square

“Macedonia”, Monument of Mother Teresa, Tavern “Jole”, Cultural Center “Tocka”, st. “Ilindenska”

Building no.9, Skopje, Macedonia “Whistling Buildings”, “Tipo” shopping mall, “Goce  Delcev” printing house, plateau of the First Private  Bank, Skopje, Macedonia

2006 “There is no More Donates for Mister Ze!” Multimedia Center Mala Stanica, Skopje, Macedonia

2005 “Zamzula”, City watch, Shtip, Macedonia “The Walk of Mister Chenk Through the Divided Continent”, Cultural Center “Tocka” and Youth Cultural Center, Skopje, Macedonia


2008    “The Recession of the New Year’s Eve”,

plateau of Cultural Center “Tocka”, Skopje, Macedonia

“Cleaning the Water” (with the group Svirachinja),  City square “Macedonia” , Skopje, Macedonia

“The Confession of a Cake Monster”, plateau of

ARM, Skopje, Macedonia  2007  ”The Death and the Resurrection of  Svirachinja”, (with the group Svirachinja) Cultural

Center “Tocka”, Skopje, Macedonia

2006    “Sales-man of Male Tears”, City square

“Macedonia”, Skopje, Macedonia

2005    “The Depression of the New Year’s Eve”,  “Ramstor” shopping mall, Skopje, Macedonia

Selected video:

2008 “Sviracus”, 6’ 49 ” 2007 “Shooting”, 01’

“The Sick Bear”, 01’  2006   “SD KR Mon Amour”, 1’ 50”  “Konfeti”, 01’

“Stuck”, 1’ 30”

Selected group exhibitions and presentations:

2009 Young Visual Artist Annual Award “Denes”, Museum of The City of Skopje, Skopje, Macedonia

“Videography of the Region” , Student City Center,  Belgrade, Serbia

“Identities”, The Kosova Art Gallery, Prishtina,  Kosovo  “Identities”, 8th Biennale of Young Artists”, Museum

of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia

“Venezia via MKC”, “Sarajevo Winter”, Collegium  Artisticum , Sarajevo, BIH

2008 Alternative Film / Video, “Memory”,

International festival of new film and video ,

Student City Center, Belgrade, Serbia  “Tensions+Breaking Points” – Pancevo Art Salon.08,  Gallery of Contemporary art, Pancevo, Serbia

“New Arrivals” online platform for shorts,

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and  Dutch broadcasting company NPS, Netherlands  A Slice of  Blood and Honey: Experimental Cinema

from Macedonia, Nortwest Film Forum, Seattle, Washington, USA

XIII Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the  Mediterranean, Bari, Italy

“Cataclysm and Creativity: Art in an Age of Uncertainty”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia, Weil gallery, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Project(or) art fair, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2007 “The Vinyl Show” – New Street Gallery, Avondale , Georgia , USA

The Oneminutes Belgian Open, Ghent, Belgium  “AKTO_2  Festival for New Media”, “Art and Food’,  various public locations, Bitola, Macedonia

“Videomart”, Cultural Center “Tocka”, Skopje , Macedonia

2006    “Operation Front”, Gallery Magaza, Bitola,

Macedonia “Armitaz”, Cultural Center “Tocka”, Skopje, Cultural

Center” Gligor Prlichev”, Ohrid, Macedonia

“Surrogates”, Cultural Center “Tocka”, Skopje,

Macedonia 2005 “Speak Up”, Gallery Myymala 2 , Helsinki, Finland

“7th Biennale of Young Artists”, Museum of  Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia

“Real Presence Floating Sites”, workshop as a part

of the 51st Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy  2004 -05    “Crtez- Rt’ Ez’ Sk Mk, New Tendencies”,  Negotino, Kavadarci, Gevgelija, Tetovo, Skopje ,

Macedonia 2003 “The City- Six Stories of Skopje ”, Youth Cultural Center, Skopje, Macedonia

2001    “Drawing Biennale”, Gallery of the Student  City, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro  Balkan Art Festival, Litohoro, Greece


2009 Young Visual Artist Annual Award “Denes”

Organization of the exhibition: Gallery MC, Director: Gorazd Poposki, text: Prof. Dr. Suzana Milevska, photos: Gjorgje Jovanovik, Nebojsha Gelevski, Kristijan Risteski, design: Gjorgje Jovanovik and Koma.lab, translation: Biljana Prlja, Vera Jovanovik, printed by:Vinsent grafika, copies: 300

The exibition “Fragmented Archive of the Artist from the Country in Transition was realized whit the support of the Ministry for Culture of Republic of Macedonia

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