Kamelia Sojlevska

QUANTUM WOMAN–CELESTIAL MAN explores the issues relating to love, identity and belief, and Kamelia’s electrifying book gathers a range of characters around the concept of a journey with potentially wide-reaching implications. It takes into account a particular understanding of human nature in order to explore the relative complexities of a being, in unbelievable twists and turns. The story plot imagines consciousness as a kind of place, largely based on a view of certain scientific and sociological principles.Discovering the fourth dimension, third eye and higher awareness through love and sexuality becomes a possibility of every human being.


As the feelings of two main characters grow for each other, Celestial Man takes Quantum Woman to the parallel universes in near future, deep past in Tibet and then into the deep future where she learns the languages, magic, and science of the future. She visits the frozen town Shambala deeply lost in the peoples memories.

The road is painful and difficult but full of challenges and those who believe and disbelieve in the new horizons. The spectacular goal is the lost harmony between male and female on the earth and discovering it with knowledge and love. You will be mesmerized, spell-bound as Quantum Woman seeks to become a partner of Celestial Man and gain her immortality.


Kamelia Sojlevska
Quantum Woman—Celestial Man

Kamelia Sojlevska is a Macedonian published author, documentary scriptwriter and director, a TV host and University lecturer. Born and raised in Macedonia, a small developing country, full of quest for knowledge, she was traveling the world, grasping the cultural, spiritual and social values that were fulfilling her life and creating her originality and individuality. Sharing ideas and communication with the public is her main goal since the beginning of her professional life. There she sees the opportunity for knowing each other, establishing new kind of relations without prejudices, ignorance and misunderstanding. If we want to create new values we should know each other, is her motto. A writer and professional with strong integrity and self-determinism she shares her world of individual awareness touching the core of the universal values that exist in every one of us. In her literal journey she is leading us into unexplored and untouched spaces of human consciousness, beyond time and material world. http://www.a-argusbooks.com/authors2.htm

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