Hip-Hop Made in Macedonia

Hip-Hop Made in Macedonia project has a responsible task-  to present the hip-hop culture practiced in the Republic of Macedonia through several segments, in its place of origin, the United  States of America. It was inspired by the Hip Hop Magazine TV show, a pioneer in its field, which was on the Macedonian National Television (MRTV) several years ago.

The first segment of our project is the presentation of three books on hip-hop, published in Macedonia and unique in the Balkans, which deal with hip-hop from several aspects:

* “Aspects of the Macedonian Urban Culture (Hip Hop Macedonia)” by the authors Slavcho Koviloski and Aleksandar Koviloski, published in 2005. The book is a study of the way and reasons for the emergence and practicing of hip-hop, both in the world and in Macedonia as well, with a history of the Macedonian hip-hop up to 2005.

* “Hip-Hop Book” by the authors Slavcho Koviloski and Aleksandar Koviloski, published in 2007, which is a sort of lexicon for anyone willing to learn something more about numerous hip-hop artists, the hip-hop elements, hip-hop culture in general.

* “Hip-Hop Dictionary (English-Macedonian)” by the authors Slavcho Koviloski, Aleksandar Koviloski and Emilija Koviloska, published in 2008, is a dictionary of slang and hip-hop expressions and terms most frequently used in the hip-hop community.

The second segment is an exhibition of Macedonian artists’ album covers, released in different periods, which left their mark in the development of the Macedonian hip-hop scene.

The documentary film The Puzzle, made in 2015, produced by the team of Hip-Hop Macedonia, directed by Aleksandar Koviloski, is part of the project that introduces the wider audience to the challenges, the hard road  and popularity of hip-hop in Macedonia. The film is not a typical hip-hop documentary, but rather a collage of views, experiences and ideas of individuals from the Macedonian hip-hop scene, including interviews with almost all of the most prominent artists and groups from the beginnings of the Macedonian rap scene up to the present. The following hip-hop artist stake part: Icko and VG (Chista Okolina), DJ Goce (SAF), Protiv Site and Green Out (Legijata), Profo and Chovekot Eks (Klan Istok), Tigaz (DNS), PUKA Kozmetika, Hrom (graffiti), Most Wanted (Oshav Prod.), Toxicology (Toxicologists), Zad Agolot, Toni Zen, Slatkaristika, Avtorizacija, Divizija, Titanium, Stres, Ognen (beatbox).

This ambitious project finishes with the live performance of Klan Istok. The project is brought to Gallery MC by the curator Jane Teoharevski, Slavcho Koviloski, Aleksandar Koviloski (Hip Hop Macedonia Crew) and Nikola Teoharevski, and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

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