Kumanovo’s Graphic Artists 2006

After three years of successful representation in from of the Macedonian art public, the exhibition “ Kumanovo graphic artists” with the possibility to be exposed within the premises of the Gallery MC is being granted a kind of a recognition, but an obligation as well, to represent the graphic artists from Kumanovo with their most original works of art. As a part of the overall Macedonian art scene the graphic artists from Kumanovo give an immense contribution to the continuity, originality and representation of their activity, without sparing any effort at the same time for introducing the wider public in the country and abroad with their own concept. A major role in the managing and the coordination of these efforts has the National Institution The Culture Center”Trajko Prokopiev” from Kumanovo, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, this year makes a quality step forward by appearing on the international fine arts scene with a collection of graphic sheets, created during a longer period of time. With no ambition to represent all the graphic artists who live and work in Kumanovo, this exhibition is only a part of the current graphic works with an idea and mission to become initially acquainted with the fine arts public in the USA. Hence the remark that this exhibition in its own conception has no task to offer some kind of chronological or stylistic connection of which, more extensive analysis could be made, which does not mean that it would not arose an appropriate interest. The specific visual creation of the graphic sheets, created by the artists who have many years of experience with numerous exhibitions, awards and certificates as well as participation in many international projects can represent a refreshment for the New York public, which comes from a country whose culture values the world will discover.
The graphic works in their final presentation, although abstract in their basic idea, with a decent approach in the sense of their strong technical realization in some of the graphic techniques rise above the usual and ordinary fine arts works and materialize the intended visual display. The specific tone proportion of the light and dark segments connected with shades, as well as the mutual cooperation of the lines with the drawing designated parts in one general perception offers a precise artistic experience. If we also add the fact that it is a matter of multi-layer and in some cases multi-color integrated graphical realization behind which stands an idea, an experience and high technical presentation we can tell with confidence/certainty that the graphic artist are making a serious effort in the attempts to share their visual understanding of the world with rest of us. The strength of the artistic individuality of the participants in this exhibition is felt in every work, although the fine arts language is simplified , reduced to lines, signs and objects with occasional oscillations between the painting and graphic arts, as well as the will to create a universal system for communication in which the graphic arts as almost no other discipline functions in the interactive relation between the time, society and humankind and leads us to contemplations which help us to understand modern arts much easily.