Maja Kirovska- Organisms II

“Organisms II’ is a dynamic installation piece owing its polymorphous properties to the laws of physics of the fluids. The tinted liquid from the medical transfusion bags flows through the channels carved in the small Plexiglas plates which are shaped reminiscent of capillaries of the organism’s bloodstream; then it drops over the small piles of toilet paper, thus creating color dots of different sizes. The installation piece attempts at analyzing the relations such as: natural-artificial, organic-inorganic and vegetable-animal-human…

This artwork raises the question about  our habit to set a firm border between life and nonlife forms of existence. It raises the question about the correctness of this established approach to classify the things into firmly distinguished groups that helps us understand and remember them better and it has shown as useful approach, but does sometimes this prevent us of understanding the big picture in a favour of the details. We have the tendency to say that only the human has a conscious mind and we think that this gives the right to treat the other forms of existence in a way that harms the whole. We often forget that all existing things are connected as one grand organism where the smallest, seemingly insignificant change always affects all its parts.

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