Mensur Bojda

The painter’s lesson of Mensur Bojda is an interpunction sign, a full-stop and a line, to sort of call it, a completely complex artist’s sentence.  Be it metaphor or not, it sure is a serious and bold unravelment. It is obvious that he intuited that now is the moment to pause on one of the steps of the ladder, to take one look back and one aside, and with a fresh breath to carry on upwards the staircase of the vast sky of artistry. With such mensuration, path and such pledge, the painter is always above age and discontinuance. This certain sign of the painter’s happiness is a still more precious sign of hope for the youth. After the departure from the academic ateliers, Mensur Bojda ebulliently enters the galleries, without agenda or prepared démarche, he declares his devotedness to painting. The echo is merited. A sole representative of a generation piously in love with the opportunities of painting offers himself as a partisan of his future. The fact that Mensur belongs to the painting, and the painting belongs to him, he declares quite early. Even his academic canvases are showing his quite visible curiosity. And it continues until this very day.  His continuous acquaintance with his inner painter, a partnership of some sort, gives us the variety of the stages in his artistry. In the few cycles that Mensur Bojda exhibits, seems like he is dreaming a few dreams. In an introverted manner, meditatively, but still in an ardent and emotionally charged way, Bojda senses that his personal experiences are reaching to the common culture. He joins the convulsion, the nervous drawer’s scar, the expression of the pain and anger that is common for the original expressionism, and even more for the contemporary post-expressionism. The staircase remains the same, but the step has been moved upwards. Through his painter’s cultivation, he advances to some of his exemplars of the older and younger, European and domestic, artistic reading. By doing this, Mensur Bojda, thoroughly and boldly advances to his new and inestimable liberty.


Gligor Chemerski

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