‘Other Wise’  Exhibition Curated by H Lan Thao Lam

Trần Tín, left: Lungs(2016), right: Spying Eye(2016) from the Văn-Thị series

Gallery MC presents Other Wise                                                                             

Curated by: H Lan Thao Lam


Featuring Artists: siren eun young jung, Catalina Schliebener, Buzz Slutzky, and Trần Tín


Opening Reception: Feb. 15, 2019 at 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition Dates: Feb. 15 – Mar. 09, 2019


Location: 549 West 52nd Street, 8th Floor (Between 10th and 11th Avenue). Entrance is at 545 West 52nd Street

Gallery Hours: Monday and Tuesday by Appointment; Wed to Friday 12 to 6pm; Saturday 1 to 6pm


Teresa de Lauretis, who coined the term the “queer theory” in 1991, defines it as a project of “rethink[ing] the sexual in new ways, elsewhere and otherwise.” In the almost three decades since this provocation, queer thinking, being, making and acting has evolved and proliferated across social, cultural, and political life. This show explores the intelligence of difference, of thinking and being other wise. The knowledge acquired through experiential processes, through manipulating materials and embodying research, extends beyond the initial twitch of intuition. It is a learning process perpetually gained through hardship, pain, curiosity and wonder. These featured artists manifest non-binary and non-conforming gender queerness in their materials-based approaches to photography, sculpture, and video. Hailing from East Asia to Brooklyn, their global vantage points reveal and subvert culturally and historically embedded gender norms. Reversing traditional roles in Korean opera, re-imagining the self and re-inventing childhood through the radical non-normativity of play, these works can be understood as self-fashioning, constructing new selves to be seen in all their imperfections and endless possibilities.


This exhibition has been generously supported by the Indochina Arts Partnership (IAP)

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