‘Pitches at an Exhibition – CHORUS 72’

‘Pitches at an Exhibition – CHORUS 72’
Art by Rainer Gross
Gallery MC, Oct. 15th @ 8pm

On October 15th, Composers Concordance continues its series ‘Pitches at an Exhibition’ with the art & music event ‘CHORUS 72.’ Presented at the innovative Gallery MC, this will feature Rainer Gross’ epic series ’72,’ inspired by the kabbalah, plus a live performance of nearly fifty one-minute choral compositions inspired by the paintings. The eight-piece chorus will feature singers Sharon Harms, Melanie Mitrano, Eleanor Taylor, Melanie Gall, Gonzalo Mena, Charles Coleman, and Doug Shapiro, among others, conducted by Thomas Carlo Bo.

Compositions by Bruce Arnold, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Thomas Carlo Bo, John Clark, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Joe Drew, Mark Egan, Jane Getter, Masatora Goya, Patrick Grant, Carlton Holmes, Debra Kaye, Payton MacDonald, David Morneau, Eugene McBride, Melanie Mitrano, Alon Nechushtan, Frank J. Oteri, Milica Paranosic, Joe Pehrson, Gene Pritsker, Anton Rovner, Arnie Rodriguez, David Rozenblatt, David Saperstein, Bill Schimmel, Zach Seely, David Taylor, Sergio Valenzuela, Michael Villmow, P.Kellach Waddle, Dorian Wallace, Carlton Wilkinson, Randy Woolf.


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