Installation “Long. Loud. Silence.” by Pandora Apostoloska Sazdovska and Sculptures “Differences” by Saso Sazdovski

Installation “Long. Loud. Silence.” by Pandora Apostoloska Sazdovska

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Text by prof. Igor Jovanoski, political theorist


“Les mots […] sont des pistolets charges,” wrote Jean Paul Sartre in his “Qu’est-ce que la littérature?” Despite the well known existentialist undertones, “the WORDS… are loaded guns” as well as its philosophical and aesthetic settings have never lost significance. In the world of violence we currently live, both symbolic and physical, the words are present more than ever. They are, or can be, silent murderers. Always pointed at us and rather than ephemeral utterances belonging to the world of the metaphysical, they exist here and now. As well as before…

Not much latter after Sartre proclaimed the ‘criminality’ of the words, Jacques Lacan, another French intellectual, gave them even more significant meaning. In his words: “le conscient est formé de représentations de mots.” That is, “the conscious is composed of representations of words.” In other words, molders of both our conscience and consciousness, and merciless tormentors of our soul, the WORDS are innate part of who we are and what we are. They are us and they stay with us… forever.

Pandora Apostoloska Sazdovska uses multidisciplinary approach in her work combining painting, photography, objects, installation and live performances. As of 2010 she is focused on human relations, researching the aspects of war as a political and sociological phenomenon, including also different aspects of non-violent aggression in modern living. Her last cycle uses psychological lenses and explores the impact of war and violence on children and the grave consequences following from that.


Pandora’s work is a constant search of the conscious, its meaning and composition. Her WORDS mingle symbolically with her MEMORIES and all those psychological anxieties she personally experienced in a country once caught in the flames of civil strife. Her FEARS are her loud SILENCE whereby she overtly points her WORDS at those who MURDERed, committed RAPE and BURNed houses; the ABUSErs but also their VICTIMS. She searches and sees their FINGERPRINTS in the depths of her personal but also our collective MEMORY and shouts silently and consciously at our own conscience: WORD!


Pandora Apostoloska Sazdovska is a visual artist. She holds a BA from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. She has exhibited in number of individual projects, symposiums, residences and group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad : (2015) Doha, Qatar, (2015) Latvia, (2015,2014,2013) UAE, (2014) Essen, Germany(, 2013,2010) France, (2013) Korea, (2013,2012) Turkey, (2012) Austria, (2012) Croatia, (2011) Russia, (2011, 2009) Switzerland, (2011) Belgium, (2010) Germany, (2009) Bosnia & Herzegovina, (2008) Bulgaria, (2006,2008,2010,) Portugal.

She was awarded in Paris (2013) by the European Capital of Culture UMEA


Sculptures “Differeces” by Saso Sazdovski

saso foto sculpture

Saso Sazdovski in its last cycle of sculptures “Family” which were worked in recent years during the artistic residences and exhibitions in Austria, France, Turkey, UAE, Germany, Kosovo, Italy reconsider his views and views of certain world issues that we face every day, through art form seeks to capture key moments in human life as an individual belonging to a certain circle of society. The exhibition in New York will be presented with objects, sculptures titled “Differences” which is continuity and thematic builds on previous research. Trying to make unique way of looking on the differences between the nature and human made objects existing and combining alongside in our daily life.



Saso Sazdovski is academic sculptor. Graduated with BA and MA on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. He has exhibited in number of individual projects, symposiums, residences and group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad : (2015) Latvia, (2015,2014,2013) UAE, (2014) Essen, Germany, (2013) Austria, (2013) Kosovo, (2013,2008) France, (2012,2013) Turkey, (2012) Croatia, (2011) Russia, (2011, 2012) Germany, (2011) Denmark, (2011) Belgium, (2010) Montenegro, (2010) Serbia, (2009) Bosnia & Herzegovina, (2008) Bulgaria, (2008) Czech Republic (2006) Portugal.

He was awarded in Austria (2013) special prize for sculpture “Oskar Kokoschka”, first prize for sculpture in Paris (2013) by the European Capital of Culture UMEA, award for sculpture “Jordan Grabul” (2009,2001), award for miniature sculpture “Dimo Todorovski” (2009)

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