d3 Natural Systems

d3 Natural Systems

Gallery Hours:

Wednesday thru Friday: 12 to 6pm

Saturday: 1 pm to 5pm

Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

d3 is pleased to announce the d3 Natural Systems exhibition at Gallery MC in Manhattan.  Sponsored by New York-based d3, the annual d3 Natural Systems international architectural design competition promotes investigation of ecological flows as a platform for architectonic innovation. The competition invites architects, designers, engineers, and students worldwide to collectively explore the potential of sustainable, nature-based influences in urbanism, architecture, interiors, and designed objects.  Various international competition proposals representing a broad range of design strategies will be displayed.  The exhibition will be curated by Gregory Marinic, Director of Interior Architecture and Assistant Professor in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at University of Houston.  He is director of d3 principal of the award-winning New York- and Houston-based architecture and design practice, Arquipelago.   www.d3space.org/competitions <http://www.d3space.org/competitions>  <http://www.d3space.org/competitions>   www.gallerymc.org <http://www.gallerymc.org>  <http://www.gallerymc.org/>

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