MC Mondays/ Music Progressive Quartet and others…

We are proud to present Music Progressive Quartet as part of your MCMondays Series.

The evening will start with informal open mic at 7PM.

Our confirmed guests include:
Milos Raickovich with his piece:  “Alarm” (1999) for toy piano, violin and cello, Performance marking the 13th anniversary of the US/NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Stop the war on Iran and Syria !

Maja Herman-Sekulic, who will read excerpts from her book “In Search of the Silk King”,

Dan Cooper, with Bass and Beats with the world-medley imrpov on his 7-string electric bass, accompanied by beats my Milica Paranosic


Rubens Salles, Brazilian pianist extraordinaire, who will lead the Jam session aт 9:30

Our feature act, Music Progressive Quartet will start their set at 8:30 pm.

It will be great to see you all as this promisses to be a very exciting night.

About Music Progressive Quartet:

Music Progressive Quartet is music band formed in Skopje in 2007. The band musicians are the oboist Vladimir Lazarevski, violinist Vladimir Krstev, the composer and violist Marko Videnovic and cellist Paskal Krapovski.

The main idea which brought together these young artists is the honest friendship, different characters  and similar thinking. They managed to create new sound on the world music market, representing successfully Macedonian traditional music influenced by the by the modern jazz style and all that originally played on instruments which are mainly used in the classical music.

Music Progressive Quartet had many concerts at home as well as abroad. Their most successful solo performances happened in Vienna in 2009 at the famous jazz club “Porgy and Bess”. Also, the band had joined performance at the same club, as guests to most famous and acknowledged Macedonian jazz player Toni Kitanovski. The band portfolio includes performance at festivals like “Blues and Jazz Rallye” in Luxemburg, ”Balkan music night” in Concord MA, “Geza Balazs Gari Jazz festival” in Kikinda – Serbia, “Days of the Slavic literacy and culture” in Moscow, “Ensemble studio theatre” in NYC, “Czech culture center  ” in Sofia, “Bitfest” in Bitola, “Modooars” in Skopje and others.

In 2009, the band has released their first solo album “STREAM”. Currentlu, the quartet is preparing their second album.

Vladimir Lazarevski – oboe

Vladimir Krstev – violin

Marko Videnovic – viola

Paskal Krapovski – violoncello


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