Iksong Jin – Works by Hologram Technology Based on Original Works Image

Iksong Jin –

Works by Hologram Technology Based on Original Works Image-

Projected by ITRC 2016 year plan. Dept. of ITRC on Hologram Convergence Technologies, Chungbuk National University. South KOREA Artist & The Director of Applied Fine Arts : Iksong Jin Prof./MA. Dept. of Fine Arts, Chungbuk National University. www.iksong.com / iksongjin@gmail.com Iksong Jin was born in South Korea in 1960. After he graduated from Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Korea, he moved to New York in 1988 and studied at New York University (NYU) and he received Masters Degree in 1991. His works have been exhibited in New York including OK Harris Works of Art (383 West Broadway) as well as in Korea, Japan, UK. Iksong received British Council Grant in 1996-97 and studied at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK for the Post Masters Fellow. He is presently a professor at Fine Arts Dept. at Chungbuk National University in South Korea. In the year 2014, he had a sabbatical year and was invited from ‘The Art Students League of New York’ to give lectures. He had lectured at Green Mountain College and the Carving Studio in Vermont in 2005 and ‘Flux Factory’ and ‘Residency Unlimited’ in New York.

A Door Fee –

Various doors, one domain-

By Iksong Jin

A note to ‘A Door Fee’, the ASPECT June 2008 exhibition held in SPACEMOM Museum of Art

The gadgets that lead the modern living and civilization such as broadcast-communicationdigital media or GPS system lead us to the door that demands a special passage fee. That door is attractive enough for us to forget our being as human. The existence of human being that has been protected by ‘dignity’ is now downgraded to a daily updated data and a consumption good of another gadget. There are only the manipulator (the one with ‘gadget’ quality or the ‘gadget’ producer) and the manipulated (information), who are entangled in opening and closing the piled up doors. Although the artists, who call themselves as the litmus paper of today, show where the pendulum of this era is pointing through their works (knowingly or unknowingly), such effort is far from the power that dominates or changes the reality but is a mere indication of reality as suggested by its limited nature. This may be called another ‘gadget’ (but a slightly different ‘gadget’) that reveals the reality of the manipulated rather than that of the manipulator (the one with power), but ‘satire’ between the two parties is more likely as it is incapable of controlling the world. ‘The one that satirizes’ might not want to pay that uncomfortable passage fee(although obligated to do so), which is why they try to reveal the identity of numerous gadgets that made human being believe in the false happiness because of the comfort and convenience. Even though they seem helplessly naive and foolish, they would remind the accurate reality of the era that will enlighten us with a big surprise like the child in the ‘naked king’ tale. Human being advocate sacrificial love and practice at times, but more often, we end up paying more expensive passage fee at certain doors due to our ignorance and selfishness. Because our hands that grab the handle of those doors of all kinds are connected to our true nature called ‘desire’. ‘Alfred de Musset’, in his poem, said “Life is the apprenticeship…. Pain is his master” However, will human race ever have the door of complete freedom and peace? Will human race be able to dream of a ‘certain door’ without fee? …… At any rate Be careful For someone might ask for a passage fee in front of your door

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