Works on Paper by Burim Ukici

Dreams and imagination are the very artwork in the soul of the artist. The artist is a medium, a fertile soil for the paintings of his dreams. But, the artist quite soberly turns his dreams into experience, in order to determine the corresponding possibilities between dreams and reality, thus determining whether his dreams echo the voice of all humanity.

When talking about young Burim Ukici, i.e., his painting determinations, he insists on a personal expression, his own seal, he paints what he feels and trembles in the world of his own emotions.

Ukici perceives things around him, items, objects, phenomena in his environment while trying as much as possible to leave classical figuration or subject art behind him, in order to realize more abstract compositions that will not break the link with reality, but will rather emphasize it even more. The artist has touched the gloomy and less cheerful side of human existence in this part of the Mediterranean existence. When speaking about Burim Ukici’s paintings, we can not help but wonder if he reconstructs for us the events of the deepest tradition, or are they just projections of our gloomy future. Probably neither.
To Ukici, the painting is arelationship between the artist and life – it is the result of their collision.

His work warns us not to lose substance in scratching the shadow – not to lose the conscious wandering too long in the unconscious.

The freedom the artist has won at a point from the classic themes, characters, landscapes , is displaced by him with an expressive tendency in abstract areas …. in the formative imagination, independent and complete in itself , integrated in the area of “thought” . His paintings clearly express the gesture that overpowers structure, which transmits his views on a free experience of the world. Artistically this is achieved through the coloristic values of the line and the strong suggestive layers of color. Through a concentrated emotion, manifested by colors, it is strong, emphasized, with a special place next to his works. Green, blue, yellow and black are to him elements of universality which he seeks to lay on the painted work. To Ukici, the canvas is a gravitational temporal center of all peiods that he establishes a relationship with, transferring it in painting matter, and its intact beauty in the spirit of the image iwithin an IMAGE.

Burim Ukici creates his own painterly world, filled with music and magic, with line and light and enormous love that creates, nurtures and elevates his painting.

Tatjana Bundalevska

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